Hanse Equine Hospital supports vitrectomy study at international specialist congress
Dr. Andrey Kalinovskiy, FU Berlin, hält einen Vortrag auf der


Dr Andrey Kalinovskiy presented his study results at the International Equine Ophthalmology Symposium (IEOC) in Edinburgh on 2 June 2023. The Hanse Equine Hospital accompanied and supported his research work.

The IEOC is a prestigious forum that brings together the world’s leading scientists and veterinarians each year and an international symposium dedicated exclusively to equine ophthalmology. This year’s congress took place in Edinburgh, Scotland, from 1 to 3 June 2023 and was fully booked with 150 participants. To be allowed to present there, an application process must be successfully completed. Dr Andrey Kalinovskiy convinced the jury with the results of his study on “Complications and postoperative visual outcome after phacoemulsification combined with vitrectomy in horses with acquired cataract”.

His study results were lively discussed at the congress. The renowned equine ophthalmologist Richard McMullen Jr. personally congratulated Dr Kalinovskiy on his lecture and emphasised that the congress offered, among other things, the opportunity to talk about surgical procedures that are less common in the American region.

The study was conducted as part of Dr. Kalinovskiy’s doctoral thesis at the Hanse Clinic for Horses under the supervision of Dr Stephan Leser, Head of the Ophthalmology Department at the Hanse Clinic, and the now emeritus Prof Dr med vet Hartmut Gerhards, former head of the Department of Equine Internal Medicine and Surgery at the LMU Munich.

The Hanse Equine Hospital performs one of the most cataract operations on horses in the world, so Dr Leser offered in advance to carry out the study with patients from the clinic in Sittensen. Thanks to the close exchange with Dr Leser as well as the committed supervision by Prof Dr Gerhards, sound scientific results could be achieved.

Dr Andrey Kalinovskiy remains closely associated with the Hanse Equine Hospital. He has been in international surgical specialist veterinary training (resident ECVS) at the Equine Clinic of the FU Berlin with Prof Dr Christoph Lischer since 2023.

The Hanse Equine Hospital will continue to support innovative research work in the future and actively promote the development of equine ophthalmology.

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