The Hanse Equine Hospital actively participated in the 6th International Congress on Equine Medicine, which took place from 23 to 25 November as part of the renowned DVG Veterinary Congress. Under the expert guidance of Prof. Dr. Michael Röcken (JLU Giessen), Prof. Dr. Heidrun Gehlen (FU Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Jószef Tóth (Budapest University of Veterinary Medicine), Dr. Kirstin Brandt and Dr. Olivier Brandenberger presented four high-calibre lectures.

The congress provided a platform for equine experts to discuss the latest findings and techniques in equine medicine. With 33 leading experts and speakers and a focus on equine asthma, the event provided a comprehensive overview of the clinical and pathological aspects of this common equine disease.

Speakers from the Hans Clinic devoted their presentations to critical issues in daily clinical practice. Dr. Brandenberger discussed “Complications and complication management in laryngeal whistle surgery”, while Dr. Brandt spoke about “Surgery on the horse’s eye in seemingly hopeless cases”. They also presented solutions on topics such as “Eyelid surgery 2.0 in horses – with input from human medicine” and “Inspiratory breath sounds and differential diagnosis in the upper respiratory tract”.

The DVG Veterinary Congress is considered one of the most important events in German veterinary medicine and is organised by the DVG, one of the largest veterinary umbrella organisations in Germany. With impressive figures of 2,650 participants, over 400 veterinarians attending 16 parallel conferences on various specialties and an exhibition with 105 exhibitors on over 1,300 square metres of exhibition space, the congress was an outstanding success.

The Estrel Congress Centre in Berlin provided the ideal setting for a lively exchange between experts in a collegial and relaxed atmosphere. DVG President Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. (Bursa, Torun, Stara Zagora) Martin Kramer opened the event, and keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Renate Weller from Calgary inspired the audience with an inspiring lecture on social change and its influence on veterinary education and professional practice. Her call for greater collaboration between practitioners and universities, and for curricula to be adapted to current knowledge, was well received by the audience.

Finally, we would like to share an inspiring quote from Dr. Olivier Brandenberger, who represented the Hanse Clinic Equine Hospital at the 6th International Congress on Equine Medicine: “Equine medicine is not only about healing, it is also about the constant search for innovative solutions. Every day brings new challenges and it is our job to stay one step ahead to ensure the well-being of our beloved four-legged friends”. This idea reflects the Hanse Equine Hospital’s commitment to excellence and continuous development in equine medicine.

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