Depending on the diagnosis, regularly scheduled surgery may be necessary to accelerate your horse’s recovery or to cure them completely.

We offer the following orthopaedic surgeries in our hospital:

  • Arthroscopy (a minimally invasive joint surgery, also known as chip surgery)
  • Tendovaginoscopy (a minimally invasive tendon sheath operation, also known as annular ligament surgery)
  • Osteosynthesis (for fracture treatment or loss of mobility in the joints)
  • Medial splint bone excision for medial split fractures or medial splint pain
  • Operations on tendons and ligaments (styletting/splinting, annular ligament, etc.)
  • Foal deformities
  • Hoof surgery

Soft-tissue surgery

Our range of treatments for soft-tissue injuries is also extensive and covers acute wound treatment to skin transplants.

Hanse Equine Hospital offers the following surgical interventions:

  • Any type of soft-tissue injuries
  • Castration: Closed castration, inguinal access; open castration, scrotal access
  • Cryptorchid surgery
  • Umbilical or inguinal hernias
  • Spermatic cord fistula