Depending on the diagnosis, regularly scheduled surgery may be necessary to accelerate your horse’s recovery or to cure them completely.

In the field of orthopaedic surgery, our clinic offers the following operations, among others:

  • Arthroscopy (a minimally invasive joint surgery, also known as chip surgery)
  • Tendovaginoscopy (a minimally invasive tendon sheath operation, also known as annular ligament surgery)
  • Osteosynthesis (for fracture treatment or loss of mobility in the joints)
  • Medial splint bone excision for medial split fractures or medial splint pain
  • Operations on tendons and ligaments (styletting/splinting, annular ligament, etc.)
  • Foal deformities
  • Hoof surgery

Soft-tissue surgery

Das Repertoire an Behandlungen von Weichteilverletzungen ist ebenfalls umfangreich und beinhaltet akute Wundversorgungen bis hin zu Hauttransplantationen.

The Hanse Equine Hospital offers the following surgical procedures in this area, among others:

Any type of soft-tissue injuries
Castrations: Closed, covered castration, inguinal approach; Open, covered castration, scrotal approach.
Cryptorchid surgery
Umbilical or inguinal hernias
Spermatic cord fistula