Horses generally have a monocular field of vision, meaning any visual impairments can have serious consequences. Dr Stephan Leser and his team specialise in eye care for horses, and offer an entire spectrum of the most modern diagnosis and treatment methods.

Eye care is one of Hanse Equine Hospital’s areas of expertise. Dr Stephan Leser is the head veterinary physician and a renowned specialist in this field. Together with Dr Kirstin Brandt, he carries out an average of 1,000 operations a year in our hospital and at international partner hospitals. Every surgery is minimally invasive, and done with the most modern equipment.

The minimally invasive surgical methods help patients to recover more quickly, with less pain. Depending on the type of surgery and the horse, individual treatments can be done under local anaesthesia, without the need for general anaesthetic.

We offer the following eye care services, among others:

  • Vitrectomy (vitreous humour surgery)
  • Phacoemulsification (cataract treatment)
  • Treatment of corneal ulcers and ruptures
  • Treatment of bacterial and fungal corneal infections
  • Laser cyclophotocoagulation (glaucoma treatment)
  • Keratectomy (removal of chronically infected corneal tissue)
  • Paracentesis (intraocular fluid puncture)
  • Tumour resection via CO2 laser
  • Synechiolysis (removal of adhesions between iris and lens)
  • Treatment of eyelid injuries
  • Lid edge reconstruction
  • Enucleation