Pre-Purchase Examinations


Due to our extensive qualifications and experience, Hanse Equine Hospital is able to offer you a pre-purchase examination that adheres to international standards. For this, we make use of the standard pre-purchase examinations recommended by the German Society for Equine Medicine (GPM – Gesellschaft für Pferdemedizin), which have been broadened to conform to international requirements.

X-ray examinations are generally carried out using the2018 X-ray guidelines,and evaluated on this basis too. Further examinations, such as the following,

  • Cervical spine X-rays
  • Back X-rays
  • Blood tests
  • Upper-airway endoscopies
  • Overground endoscopies (on the lunge or while being ridden)
  • Ultrasound examinations

can be used to offer more detail for individual pre-purchase examinations.

If you are planning to export a horse, certain laboratory investigations are required, and country-specific import conditions must also be considered.

All documentation of medical examinations, as well as client communication, can be provided in English.