Internal Reporting Office – Misconduct under the Whistleblower Protection Act

As a conscientious company, we are dedicated to our staff, clientele, contractors, shareholders, and the wider public. It is therefore crucial that we conduct ourselves with not only legal compliance but also upholding principles of integrity and ethical conduct at the highest level.

To guarantee report independence and confidentiality, JOWECON GmbH has been chosen as our internal reporting office, utilizing a reporting channel external to our corporate network. This allows for secure and expedited handling and processing of information. An important pillar of our whistleblowing system is the principle of fair procedure. It ensures the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers, those affected and employees who participate in the investigation of reported misconduct.

We pledge not to take any action to identify anonymous whistleblowers who are not abusing our whistleblowing system. Discrimination against whistleblowers and anyone who participates in an investigation will not be tolerated. Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Investigations are conducted with the utmost confidentiality.

If you become aware that employees or persons acting on behalf of Hanseklinik are engaging in misconduct, such as breaching company or industry laws, regulations, or codes of conduct, including issues related to the environment or human rights within Hanseklinik’s supply chain, you can assist us by reporting your concerns to the Internal Reporting Office.


Website link: https://jowecon.de/interne-meldestelle-hinschg/

Here you will also find a contact form and postal address.

You can also contact our reporting office directly as follows:
E-mail address: Meldung@jowecon.de
Phone: 0049-40-41 35 66 4