Seminar on equine ophthalmology in Karthaus



On 5 and 6 November 2021, Dr Kirstin Brandt, Senior Veterinarian at the Hanse Equine Hospital, and her colleague Dr Lieke Bujs held a two-day seminar on equine ophthalmology at the Veterinary Competence Center in Karthaus/Dülmen. A total of 24 veterinarians from all over Germany were intensively trained in theory and practice. The participants worked out relevant basics for everyday practice and learned everything worth knowing about the examination of a horse’s eye. In addition, the most common eye diseases and their treatment options in horses were discussed.

The two-day specialist seminar on ophthalmology was organised by Dr. Corinna Rutsch from in Berlin. The training was instructive and practical for the participants and left them highly motivated and with new contacts from the veterinary world.