Sponsoring CSI Hof Waterkant 2022


The Hanse Equine Hospital is co-sponsor of the international show jumping tournament at Hof Waterkant in Pinneberg-Waldenau near Hamburg for the second time in a row. From 3 to 7 August 2022, it will be sponsoring its own jump in the clinic’s colours, perimeter advertising and, with Sarah-Denise Fink, an Austrian young talent who has already achieved a number of international victories and placings in show jumping. In addition, the equine clinic from Sittensen, together with the traditional Hamburg jeweller Mahlberg & Meyer, will be offering three special prizes for successful show jumping competitions, which will be presented by the clinic manager Anita Leser. “The CSI Hof Waterkant is an ideal, albeit still young, stage for international show jumping on the outskirts of Hamburg. As sponsors, we have supported this tournament from the very beginning so that an internationally renowned top equestrian event can establish itself sustainably in the north of Germany,” says Dr. Stephan Leser, Co-Clinic Manager of the Hanse Equine Hospital.

A top-class show jumping tournament at the gates of Hamburg

The horse show, which is endowed with prize money totalling 300,000 Euros, offers more than 20 competitions of the high difficulty levels CSI 2* and CSI 4*, which will be contested by a field of around 350 renowned show jumpers and 450 horses from all over the world. The riders include well-known names such as Cian O’Connor (Olympic medallist), Gerrit Nieberg (winner of the Grand Prix of Aachen 2022) and Christian Kukuk (team winner of the Nations’ Cup of Aachen 2022). Younger riders will be reviewed at the U25 Tour at Hof Waterkant, which is taking place at the same time. The tournament organisers, the married couple team of Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann and Christoph Zimmermann, are expecting a total of around 25,000 visitors on all days of the tournament, who will be able to experience something new and varied every day in addition to the riding competitions, such as an exhibition, a foal auction, business talks or live music by and with Johannes Oerding: “We want to bring enthusiasm for equestrian sport and breeding to Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg,” is how Christoph Zimmermann sums up the planned tournament programme.

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