Hanse Equine Hospital expands competence team and range of services


Dr Andrea Noguera joins the team of specialists led by Dr Olivier Brandenberger as Head of Orthopaedic Surgery with immediate effect and supports the Emergency Medicine Department at the Hanse Equine Hospital in Sittensen.

Sittensen near Hamburg – Since 01.07.2022, the Hanse Equine Hospital has been specifically strengthening its competence team and range of services in the field of surgery and emergency medicine with Dr. Andrea Noguera. The internationally experienced specialist in orthopaedics and emergency surgery is taking over as Head of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Hanse Equine Hospital with immediate effect. In addition, she supports the emergency team of the equine clinic in Sittensen and reports directly to Dr Olivier Brandenberger, who is responsible for general and soft tissue surgery as Co-Clinical Director.

Dr Andrea Noguera brings more than ten years of international practical experience in equine therapy to the Hanse Equine Hospital. She specialises in particular in minimally invasive joint and tendon sheath operations as well as fracture therapies and has extensive experience in the field of arthroscopy, tendovaginoscopy, osteosynthesis or also in grip bone fractures as well as malpositions of foals. With Dr Andrea Noguera, the Hanse Equine Hospital can continue to position itself as the leading specialist clinic for minimally invasive surgery and modern therapeutic approaches for horses in Germany.

International experience and interdisciplinary cooperation
Dr Andrea Noguera comes from Valencia, Spain, and most recently worked at renowned veterinary locations in Germany. She studied at the CEU Cardenal University in Valencia and gained her first practical experience in Germany between 2011 and 2014 as an assistant doctor specialising in orthopaedics at the Burg Müggenhausen equine clinic in Cologne. She completed her internationally recognised diploma from the European College of Veterinary Surgeons (ECVS) between 2015 and 2019. This was followed by three years as a senior physician for orthopaedics at the Free University of Berlin, where she also successfully completed her dissertation on tendon sheath diseases in horses, before being engaged by the Hanse Equine Hospital in Sittensen.

“We are very pleased to have gained Dr Andrea Noguera, a specialist in the field of orthopaedic and emergency surgery,” says Co-Clinical Director of the Hanse Equine Hospital Dr Olivier Brandenberger. “She perfectly supports both of our strongly expanding departments, also very much accommodates our internationalisation strategy and brings our range of services to an even higher level with her qualifications and focus.”

About Hanse Equine Hospital

The Hanse Equine Hospital was founded in 2019 by Dr Jens Körner, Dr Stephan Leser and Dr Olivier Brandenberger in Sittensen near Hamburg. It is one of Europe’s leading specialist clinics for ophthalmology, laryngeal surgery and orthopaedics. The experienced medical teams of the equine clinic focus on further services in the field of classical orthopaedics, surgery, internal medicine and emergency surgery and also offer all therapies of modern equine medicine. The clinic grounds cover an area of around 11,000 sm and include, among other things, two operating theatres including recovery boxes, pre-training tracks, a lunging arena, more than 75 horse stalls as well as its own laboratory to ensure the best possible treatments, examinations and post-operative follow-up care.


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