There are a number of different things that may cause a horse to limp. Damage to joints or cartilage is often the cause of pain in the horse’s musculoskeletal system. Causes vary, but they can include so-called chips (break-off fractures) or osteochondritis dissecans fragments (OCD), that is, loose fragments in the joint that arise when the horse grows. Cysts, cartilage degeneration and joint infections may also be responsible for pain. These also cause joint inflammation and pain, and may lead to further complications.

Arthroscopy can be used as a targeted treatment here at Hanse Equine Hospital. This surgical method provides us with the opportunity to look at the joint and assess cartilage and soft tissue (joint capsule and its villi). Fragments can then be removed, cartilage treated and joints flushed. As such, it is a minimally invasive surgery (keyhole surgery) which considerably lowers the risks of surgery and generally enables horses to quickly become fit and workable again.