In traditional Chinese medicine, a living being is considered healthy when they are balanced in body, mind and spirit, and qi energy can flow through pathways (meridians/channels) uninhibited. These channels are connected with one another and cover the entire surface of the body, as well as the entirety of it internally. Acupuncture points are largely found on these channels, and this is where needles are gently inserted. Scientific studies have shown that there is increased electrical conductivity and lowered skin resistance at these acupuncture points.

Horse acupuncture is particularly well suited as prophylaxis for illnesses. Changes to the pulse or pain sensitivity at certain acupuncture points tells our doctor that there is energetic instability, even before clinical symptoms appear. There are many causes of a balance disturbance. External pathogenic factors like trauma, undue stress, germs or similar may play a role, as well as poor diet, lack of exercise or psychological factors such as stress or overworking. If such disruptions to energy flow are not repaired for a long time, pathological changes may occur to the structure of the body.

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