Sophia Tettke

Areas of expertise

surgical assistance,
tournament support


Dissertation (2016)
“Comparison of X-Ray Findings within the X-Ray Code of Practice 2007 Framework, and Computer Tomographical Representation of Pathomorpholigcal Changes to the Long Pastern Bone, Sesamoid Bones and Fetlock Joint”, Professor Walter Brehm, Equine Hospital (surgery), University of Leipzig.

Specialist article (2012)
Ehrle, A., Jones, S., Klose, P., Lischer, C.: Atypical Radiologic Appearance of a Second Cervical Vertebral Fracture in a Horse. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, Vol. 32:5, 2012; p 309–313.


2022 – today
Internship at the Hanse Equine Hospital, Sittensen

2019 – 2022
Student assistant at the Equine Clinic, Berlin

2016 – 2022
Study of veterinary medicine at the Free University of Berlin