Our hospital laboratory is used daily and routinely examines a variety of material using the most modern processes. We deal with an average of 80 to 100 samples a week. This includes blood, urine and stool samples, as well as peritoneal fluid. We can also evaluate cytological samples. We can also evaluate cytological samples. This allows our vets to offer quick and targeted treatment, as well as medication.

We use the following diagnostic equipment at Hanse Equine Hospital:

  • Dry chemistry analyser
  • Haematology devices
  • Blood gas analysis devices
  • Light microscope
  • Various centrifuges

For specialist examinations, we also work with qualified third-party laboratories, for example for verifying infectious diseases from nasal swabs, for determining ACTH levels in horses with suspected equine Cushing’s disease or for evaluating tracheobronchial secretions from samples taken via bronchoalveolar lavage.