Cardiovascular examination


When assessing heart conditions, it is important to consider that many more, often athletic, demands are placed on a horse as a cardiac patient than on other smaller animals or on people with heart conditions. Continuing to ride horses with heart conditions can – in addition to possibly damaging the horse’s health – pose a threat to the rider.

Anomalies in the horse’s heart such as heart murmurs or cardiac arrhythmia are often discovered incidentally during routine check-ups before vaccinations, or during the course of pre-purchase examinations. Considering the effect this could have on the animal’s performance, it is important to examine in more detail. All possible risks and therapy options should also be explained. Further diagnostics take place at Hanse Equine Hospital via ECG and sonographic examinations of the heart (heart ultrasound) while the horse is at rest. Laboratory diagnostics can also be a helpful tool.